Strefa Wyobrazni

© Sammlung Generali Foundation - Dauerleihgabe am Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Foto: Werner Kaligofsky

Jaroslaw Kozlowski

Strefa Wyobrazni, 1970

Concept of the action Typescript text on paper, 2 sheets 27.7 x 21cm each Sign board, black paint on plastic, 1970 20 x 30 cm 21 black-and-white photographs, Vintage (prints 1971), gelatin silver prints, baryta paper 18 x 18 cm each


Artwork text

The action was initiated by the placing of 21 signs proclaiming an IMAGINATION ZONE in Osieki within a 4 km radius from the village, as well as in Koszalin. Technical description: Signboard made of plastic or metal sheet, white, standard dimensions of 25 x 30 cm, typical black lettering. Application: IMAGINATION ZONE signboards are used for marking everything. IMAGINATION ZONE signboards should be placed everywhere: in apartments, in institutions, offices, on railway station buildings, on private and public buildings, on industrial premises, on walls, fences, advertising columns, on cobbled pavement, in trams, railway carriages and other means of transport, in the streets, squares, crossings, roads, dirt roads, bridges, in parks, in the fields, meadows, in forests, on riversides and lakesides, on the sea, land, sky, etc. IMAGINATION ZONE is recommended for mass production and universal distribution! Interested persons are hereby obliged to launch the IMAGINATION ZONE action without any delay. (Jarosław Kozłowski)

Lending history
2005 Zagreb, CRO, Galerija Klovicevi Dvori