Come & See!
The Generali Foundation’s Film and Video Collection

From 12/01/2023 to 09/15/2024
Curators: Stefanie Grünangerl, Jürgen Tabor

Venue: Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Rupertinum, Generali Foundation Study Center

Auswahl_2_Dinge bewegen

Breaking Down Walls!
The Collections

From 02/02 to 10/09/2024
Curators: Barbara Herzog and Tina Teufel, Museum der Moderne Salzburg; Harald Krejci, Director, Museum der Moderne Salzburg and Artistic Director, Generali Foundation.
Supported by Doris Leutgeb and Jürgen Tabor, Generali Foundation

Venue: Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Mönchsberg

MdMS_Sigalit Landau_Azkelon_2011

Playing Rules
The Collections

From 03/15 to 10/09/2024
Curators: Stefanie Grünangerl, Librarian, Museum der Moderne Salzburg; Doris Leutgeb, Head of Generali Foundation Collection; Marijana Schneider, Curator, Museum der Moderne Salzburg; Jürgen Tabor, Curator, Generali Foundation Collection

Venue: Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Mönchsberg


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since 2014

Salzburg 5020, Mönchsberg 32 und Altstadt (Rupertinum), Wiener Philharmoniker-Gasse 9

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