Generali Foundation, Photo: © Eustachy Kossakowski/EKO

Edward Krasinski

J’AI PERDU LA FIN!!!, 1969

12 black-and-white photographs, Action by Edward Krasinski, Photographs by Eustachy Kossakowski, Prints 2006 by Jerzy Lapinski, gelatin silver on baryta paper, verso: signed, dated and stamped (EKO) by Anka Ptaszkowska, signed and numbered by Jerzy Lapinski, 30 x 24 cm each, Edition 7/30


Artwork text

The photographs show Edward Krasiński grappling with a mass of tangled cables, which the artist appears to have lost control of. With humor and irony, the action J’AI PERDU LA FIN!!! (I LOST THE END!!!, 1969) illustrates the attempt to overcome anxiety with laughter and turn worry into play. In a flyer, Krasiński makes the following appeal to the public: He “has lost the end” and whoever finds it should contact the Galerie Foksal in Warsaw. Krasiński was the cofounder of the exhibition space, which became Poland’s most important contemporary art venue, however, during the socialist era, was subjected to the constant threat of political censorship. (Marijana Schneider)