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Queer and Feminist Publishing in Art and Culture

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    From 02/25 to 06/04/2023
    Curators: Stefanie Grünangerl, Librarian, Museum der Moderne Salzburg; Jürgen Tabor, Curator, Generali Foundation Collection

    Venue: Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Rupertinum, Generali Foundation Study Center

    Magazines, zines, and comics are important platforms for feminist and queer perspectives in art and culture. The exhibition highlighted not only the importance of these media for the dissemination and visibility of feminist and queer art, but also showed how publishing as artistic practice can be rethought in queer-feminist terms. The exhibition presented a broad spectrum of publications: Magazines from the second-wave women's movement which envision a union of art and politics; alternative forms of self-publishing and zine culture in which the do-it-yourself principle anchors an emancipatory and empowering stance; and publication projects that draw cross-connections to questions of migration, postcoloniality, and dis/ability.

    The exhibition was conceived and realized in collaboration with students of the Paris Lodron University Salzburg and the Mozarteum University Salzburg.

    Publications: Aquarium, Borrowed Faces, Crip Magazine, Eye Mama Project, Heresies. A Feminist Publication on Art and Politics, Homestories. Koreanische Diaspora in Wien, Linda Nochlin Fanzine, LTTR, Migrazine, n.paradoxa. international feminist art journal, Perilla Zine, Polysème, regina, The Pamina Effect, and a collection of queer zines

    In cooperation with Paris Lodron University Salzburg / Department of Communication Studies, Inter-University Organization Science and Arts / Focus Area Contemporary Art and Cultural Production, and gendup at the Paris Lodron University Salzburg

    Teachers: Elke Zobl, Ricarda Drüeke, Laila Lucie Huber, Bettina Egger

    Students: Alba Malika Belhadj Merzoug, Berina Burek, Carina Dala, Sarah Greisberger, Ilvy Irnberger, Pauline Jordan, Maximilian Kaufmann, Victoria Knapp, Tanja Kurz, Hildegard Maier, Marie-Luise Maier, Anja Müller-Eschenbrücher, Tobias Posawetz, Simon Prommegger, Hannah Schwaiger, Egon Stocchi, Lea Wiednig, Angelika Wienerroither, Alina Wörgötter