Marinella Senatore
We Rise by Lifting Others

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    From 04/22 to 10/08/2023
    Curator: Jürgen Tabor, Generali Foundation Collection

    Venue: Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Mönchsberg

    Comprehensive presentation of Marinella Senatore's participatory art

    How can art counter the social divisions of our times? How can forms of community be created that are founded on equal opportunities, inclusion, and empowerment? The highly renowned Italian artist Marinella Senatore (1977 Cava dei Tirreni, IT – Rome, IT) addresses these and other similar questions. She is an artist, activist, and teacher, and one of the most important protagonists in a young global movement committed to art that is based on social participation and collaboration. Hitherto more than eight million people in twenty-four countries have taken part in her projects.

    The Generali Foundation Collection—Permanent Loan to the Museum der Moderne Salzburg and Museum VILLA STUCK in Munich have compiled the largest exhibition of Senatore’s work to date as a project in two chapters, which are on show simultaneously as a connecting force between these two cities. These shows provide an overview of the artist’s entire work, with new works and works from the past fifteen years—participatory installations, films, and audio plays that were made as collaborative projects, light installations, neon sculptures, photographs, drawings, collages, paintings, textiles, and also a new staging of one of Senatore’s key projects, The School of Narrative Dance that she founded.

    As a high point both in Salzburg and Munich, a large parade will be developed with local people in the framework of The School of Narrative Dance, and celebrated as a poetic festival of community, with dance, music, singing, and other performances.

    In all her works and projects, Senatore addresses the public in an open and accessible manner. She addresses it as an emotional, social, and political entity. In order to create a framework that ensures openness and diversity, she brings together different artistic languages, media, and disciplines. Her projects include collective cultural practices such as parades, as well as strategies and practices from activism and social movements.

    Museum der Moderne Salzburg
    Exhibition: April 22 – October 8, 2023
    Curator: Jürgen Tabor
    The School of Narrative Dance, Salzburg, in cooperation with SZENE Salzburg
    Parade on June 24, 2023, Salzburg old town

    Museum VILLA STUCK, Munich
    Exhibition: May 4 – September 10, 2023
    Curator: Helena Pereña
    The School of Narrative Dance, Munich
    Parade on July 23, 2023