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Dora Maurer

Arányok, 1979

Video, black and white, silent, 10 min, Performer: Dora Maurer, Camera: Theo Droste, Produced by: Hedendaagse Kunst, Utrecht, Edition 3/10


Artwork text

Dóra Maurer’s films and videos are like experimental set-ups used to measure space, time, and movement and are characterized by formal rigor and their integration of chance events and unpredictable elements. They are performative works featuring the artist herself and capturing a sequence of motions governed by simple, clearly defined rules. In Arányok (Proportions), Dóra Maurer measures the same strip of paper in different ways using her own body. The choreography follows a simple theory of proportions and creates a unique poetry of corporeality between the poles of repetition and variation. (Stefanie Grünangerl)

Lending history
2007 New York, NY, USA, Austrian Cultural Forum New York