Peter Kubelka und Jonas Mekas

© Generali Foundation Collection—Permanent Loan to the Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Repro: Werner Kaligofsky

Friedl Kubelka vom Gröller

Peter Kubelka und Jonas Mekas, 1994

Film, 16mm, 24 frames/sec, color, silent, 2 min 50 sec


Artwork text

From 1993 “examinations”: Influenced by Actionism, the filmmaker (perpetrator) creates emotions in her model (victim) by means of unexpected actions during the filming. The absolutely still camera renders these emotions visible with growing tension. The films are staged, but the emotions are real. Filmed photo portraits. PETER KUBELKA AND JONAS MEKAS (color) The faces of two friends and masters of American avant-garde cinema undergo a similar transformation until the unexpected stolen kiss (given by the filmmaker): lenient, ironic, rising tension. Afterwards their thoughts and emotions seem to part ways.