© Sammlung Generali Foundation - Dauerleihgabe am Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Foto: Werner Kaligofsky

Uli Aigner

Metanoia, 1995

Video, color, sound, 30 min Combination between realfilm and 3D-computer animationens (Silicon-Graphics, Software Explore-TDI, Morph-Software: Elastics Reality)


Artwork text

The term “metanoia” comes from psychology, where it designates a fundamental change in the human being’s personality and attitude to life. Carl Gustav Jung used it to describe the psychological process of self-healing after a life crisis. In Uli Aigner’s science fiction film Metanoia, reality undergoes a series of radical shifts. The two protagonists, played by Tina Fischer and Elke Krystufek, find themselves fusing against their will with objects and architectural elements. The materiality of their bodies disintegrates as they transform into abstract formations that represent something like the consciousness of these novel human–thing hybrids. (Jürgen Tabor)