... Remote ... Remote ...

© Generali Foundation Collection—Permanent Loan to the Museum der Moderne Salzburg © Bildrecht, Repro: Werner Kaligofsky


... Remote ... Remote ..., 1973

Film, 16mm, color, sound, 12 min Director: VALIE EXPORT Performer: VALIE EXPORT Photography: Didi


Artwork text

Human behavior is influenced by past events, no matter how remote these experiences are. They result in a psychic paratime running parallel to objective time where those pleas of fear and guilt, deformations tearing at the flesh, have a constant impact. The drama of human self-representation unfolds in the skin’s cuts. That which becomes visible here reveals what the past in the present and what the present in the past are. My external side shows the internal space, when I move inward the inside turning outside, gaping outwards. (VALIE EXPORT)

Lending history
2002 Freiburg, DE, Museum für Neue Kunst 1995 Vienna, AT, Österreichisches Filmmuseum