© Generali Foundation Collection-Permanent Loan to the Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Harun Farocki

Die Umschulung, 1994

Video, color, sound, 44 min Director: Harun Farocki Photography: Ingo Kratisch, Thomas Arslan Produced by: SWF, Baden-Baden, Harun Farocki Filmproduktion, Berlin
Re-education is a didactic film about working on one’s inner unity. The language of instruction, which is intended to teach the language of the salesroom, is itself structured as a sales talk. The mottos the teacher has people remember summarize the paradoxes of individuality as devel-oped by moral thought. “The I is nothing. The You is everything. Only the other person matters. You must change your life.” But submission to the other serves only to overwhelm that other when it comes to concluding a sale. The individual exists only by consent of society. (Patrick Bahners)
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