Generali Foundation © Dora Maurer

Dora Maurer

Triolák, 1980

Video, transferred from 35mm film, black and white, 12 min Director: Bela Ferenczy Film tricks: Dora Maurer, Assistenz: Peter Timar Singer: Eszter Poka Produced by Balazs Bela Studio, Budapest Edition 3/10


Artwork text

The elements - the changeable objectives of the camera (normal, wide-angle and tele), the recorded subjects (interior, exterior, moving or unmoving human figure), the sound characters were devided into three groups and combined with each other in 30sec long variations. The image, devided into three horizontal fields shows three separately recorded 1sec camera swings made from the same subject, copied afterwards mechanically together. The sound corresponds to the camera swings by improvised vocal glissandos. An attempt to expand space producing changing montages of the elements, inducing it automatically by the shifts in time. (Dora Maurer)