Anonymous Conceptual Artist

© Generali Foundation Collection—Permanent Loan to the Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Goran Trbuljak

Anonymous Conceptual Artist, approx. 1972

Print Card, embossed printing 10 x 20 cm Edition about 100 to 200


Artwork text

For art without the artist, without the review and without a public. Removal of the artist represents a radical change in process which artist conducted in art. Thus by continual reductions they have created the last work which represents themselves. The artist has become the idea of his work or in other words, the artist has become his own work. The logical process demands the removal of this last work of the artist, this it, of the artist himself, thought young artist at 1971. Following year in the context with abovementioned acclamation he decided to remove his name as last material of his work and activity. His new activity has consisted exclusively of distributing the cards with a text: Anonymous Conceptual Artist. From then on until now he did not produce anything else except that idea and the cards with short text that he still distributes occasionally. (Goran Trbuljak)