Peter Lorre - Das doppelte Gesicht

© Generali Foundation Collection—Permanent Loan to the Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Harun Farocki

Peter Lorre - Das doppelte Gesicht, 1984

Film, 16mm, black and white and color, sound, transferred to video, 59 min Director: Harun Farocki, Felix Hofmann Photography: Wolf-Dieter Fallert, Ingo Kratisch, Ronny Tanner Produced by: Harun Farocki for WDR, Transtel


Artwork text

In the field of film history as well, Farocki is a precise analyst. It is hard to ignore his astounding observations and accurate conclusions. Again in this actor’s biography, Farocki places more trust in visual images, which he comments on in only a few short sentences, so that they can then speak for themselves, and yet with this carefully balanced context he gives them a previously unimagined depth and significance. (Arnold Hohmann)

Lending history
2006 Vienna, AT, Österreichisches Filmmuseum