Black Box/White Box

© Generali Foundation Collection—Permanent Loan to the Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Photo: Werner Kaligofsky

Adrian Piper

Black Box/White Box, 1992

Multi-media installation Black and white room, 244 x 244 x 244 cm each Inside the black room: Black-and-white photograph (Rodney King), digital photo print (duratrans) between half transparanet mirror and acrylic glass, flush 81 x 56 cm, fixed with black textile adhesive tape, Halogen spotlight with timer Audio monologue (Rodney King), 5 min 46 sec (loop) Inside the white room: Integrated video monitor, video (amateur footage Rodney King), sound (music compilation by Adrian Piper), 30 min Audio-monologue (excerpt of speech by George Bush senior), 30 min In both rooms: Black-and-white photograph (same picture of George Bush Senior each), 73.5 x 101.5 cm each Black leather chair, table, varnished in black, tissue box, trash basket Wall text: Once you have taken everything away from a man, he is no longer in your power. He is free. --Alexander I. Solzhenitsyn, The First Circle


Lending history
2018 New York, NY, USA, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) 2008 Sidney, AUS, Australien, Sydney Biennale 2008 2005 Munich, DE, Haus der Kunst 2005 Rotterdam, NL, TENT. Platform voor hedendaagse kunst 2003 Lyon, F, Musée d'Art Contemporain