Dokumentarische Dialektstudie I vom Fersental bis Garmisch-Partenkirchen

© Bildrecht, Archive Norbert Brunner

Norbert Brunner/Michael Schuster

Dokumentarische Dialektstudie I vom Fersental bis Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 1979

Audio-photo installation 24 parts 1056 black-and-white photographs, baryta paper (prints 2001), dry mounted on 24 cardboards (40 x 124 cm each), 44 photographs each, 24 tape recorders with 24 audio tapes (approx. 6 min each, loop), 24 active boxes Total dimensions variable Edition 2/3 Documented places: St. Franz, Neumarkt, Terlan, Müstair, Taufers, Laas, Algund, Sarnthein, Gummer, Bozen, Villnöss, Miland, Abfaltersbach, Vintel, Kematen, Telfes, Mühlbachl, Götzens, Seefeld, Scharnitz, Leutasch, Ehrwald, Grainau, Oberau. The order of the single parts (1 to 24) corresponds to the geographic line of the analyzed villages from South to North. The whereabouts of a film (16mm, color, 30 sec) forming part of the installation is unknown.


Artwork text

By using a tape recording of the verbal proceedings and photographic documentation of the respective towns, we created a spatial area that transposes us linguistically from St. Franz to Oberau by means of the Lord’s Prayer. We used the Lord’s Prayer because everyone knows it and everyone has recited it at one time or another. From the vantage point of one’s own Lord’s Prayer, everyone has the possibility of experiencing the different versions presented here as they shift geographically. It would be interesting to repeat this study ten years later. (Norbert Brunner/Michael Schuster) 1-30 photographs shot at an interval 31-40 panorama of the town square 41-43 single photographs 44 text of the Lord’s Prayer 1-30 With a camera, thirty photographs were taken at two minute intervals looking down from the church steeple onto the town square. Thirty images were taken with a time shift from town to town, in the first town between 12 a.m. and 1 a.m., in the second between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m., and so on. The total of 24 town images follows the flow of the day. 31-40 Panorama consisting of ten photographs taken from the center of the town square. 41-43 A single photograph taken from the steeple towards the altar. A single photograph taken inside the church from the belfry towards the altar during the Lord’s Prayer. A single photograph of a gravestone bearing the family name most frequently found in the town cemetery. 44 A simplified phonological transcription of each phonetic variant of the Lord’s Prayer recited in each church.