© Generali Foundation Collection—Permanent Loan to the Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Photo: Werner Kaligofsky

Harun Farocki

Schnittstelle, 1995

Single-channel version of the two-channel video installation of the same title Video, color, sound, 24 min 28 sec Director: Harun Farocki Photography: Ingo Kratisch, Leo Borchard Produced by: Musée d'art Moderne de Villeneuve d' Ascq, Harun Farocki Filmproduktion


Artwork text

Harun Farocki was commissioned by the Musée d’art Moderne de Villeneuve d’Ascq/Lille to produce a video on his work for the exhibition The World after Photography. Reflecting on his work, the video examines what it means to work with existing images rather than producing new ones. The title plays on the double meaning of “Schnitt” (cut), which refers both to Farocki’s work-place, the editing table, as well as the “human-machine-interface,” where a person operates a computer using a keyboard and a mouse. (Sabine Breitwieser) Quotes from the following films and video tapes: Videograms of a Revolution (with Andrei Ujica), Ger 1992, 107 min Inextinguishable Fire, Ger 1968/69, 22 min An Image, Ger 1983, 25 min Workers Leaving the Factory, Ger 1995, 38 min Between Two Wars, Ger 1978, 83 min Images of the World and the Inscription of War, Ger 1988, 74 min

Lending history
2008 Sao Paolo, BR, 28 Bienal de Sao Paolo 2003 Dunkirk, F, Terre Neuve 2002 Paris, F, Goethe Institut