Video Nr. 17

© Heimo Zobernig

Heimo Zobernig

Video Nr. 17, 1998

Video, color, silent, 11 min Peformers: Christian Meyer a. o. Editing: Bernhard Riff


Artwork text

This video, produced during the exhibition Sharawadgi at the Felsenvilla in Baden, shows visitors walking through a room, which Zobernig has lined in blue. Via this Blue Box, previously photographed images of the exterior are transposed into the interior of the villa; the blue wall appears permeable and changes constantly. The wall’s potential projection surface is covered with images, which are invisible to the visitors. The presence in the exterior of components of the historical, bourgeois interior, and thus of the social institution, calls into question the interweaving of past and present. (Claudia Slanar)