© Generali Foundation Collection—Permanent Loan to the Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Dan Graham

Video/Architecture/Performance, 1996

Video, color, sound, 11 min 45 sec Director: Michael Shamberg Photography: Moritz Gieselmann Produced by: Generali Foundation 1996


Artwork text

Narrated by Graham, this tape documents the formats and concepts of a series of projects made by the artist for the Generali Foundation in Vienna. Encompassing the artist’s performance, video and architectural works, these projects all investigate perceptions of architectural space and time. Graham re-enacts his 1975 piece Performance/Audience/ Mirror, in which the audience participates as the subject of the work, breaking down traditional roles of spectator and performer, subject and object. In Opposing Mirrors and Monitors on Time Delay and Two Viewing Rooms, Graham combines architectural perspective and video time, exploring the relationships between them. The three constructions Triangle with Circular Inserts, Children’s Pavilion and Star of David use reflective materials to alter the viewer’s apprehension of space. Lastly, Graham’s New Design For Showing Videos, built specifically for the Generali Foundation out of glass, two-way mirrors and punched aluminum, provides a comfortable viewing area while also accentuating the environment in which the viewing takes place. (Electronic Arts Intermix)

Lending history
2003 London, GB, Hayward Gallery