Asemie -- die Unfähigkeit sich durch Mienenspiel ausdrücken zu können

© Generali Foundation Collection—Permanent Loan to the Museum der Moderne Salzburg © Bildrecht


Asemie -- die Unfähigkeit sich durch Mienenspiel ausdrücken zu können, 1973

"Körperaktion", "Körper-Material-Interaktion"

Video, black and white, sound, 9 min Performer: VALIE EXPORT Photography: Kurt Talos


Artwork text

“I draw a circle around the podium with the nails, which are hammered into the floor... A bird is tied to the podium with a thin cord. I kneel on the podium in front of the bird and pour hot liquid wax onto it, then I pour the wax onto my feet and my left hand. I knock over the container of wax with my head to cover my right hand. I free my body from this immobile state by cutting out the hands with a knife. I use my mouth to take the knife from the podium—holding it in my mouth, using it to cut. The drama of man as creator takes place on the civilizing plateau of the platform. (VALIE EXPORT)

Lending history
2006 Lausanne, CH, LUFF Underground Film Festifval