© Generali Foundation Collection-Permanent Loan to the Museum der Moderne Salzburg © VBK, Photo Kaligofsky Werner


Splitscreen-Solipsismus, 1968

"Expanded Movie" Film installation Film, N-8mm, color, silent, Screen, aluminum foil 3 min (loop) Performer: Hubert Weninger Dimensions variable, Projection area approx. 130 x 173 cm
The projected image is reflected on a piece of aluminum foil placed at a right angle to the screen, thus creating an optical illusion. One boxer becomes two, one boxer fights with himself, against himself. He boxes with the picture but also with the picture frame. Duplication: in Mannerist painting... Splitscreen is reduction in duplication: two pictures with only one projector. (VALIE EXPORT) In the late 1960s, VALIE EXPORT, founding member of the Austrian Filmmakers Cooperative (with K. Kren, G. Schlemmer, H. Scheugl, E. Schmidt, P. Weibel), was concerned with Expanded Movie and Expanded Film, among other things. We didn’t want to merely show movies, but instead to demonstrate the new possibilities of the film medium to the audience, to create an awareness of the material in the auditorium, at least. We planned to give every visitor a camera, to shoot a little footage, to shoot the audience and to show the film after it was developed, projecting it onto the audience, etc... (VALIE EXPORT)
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