Andrea Geyer


Artist's books

  • Andrea Geyer, Sharon Hayer. In times like these only criminals stay silent, 2005. Ed. Camera Austria, Kunsthaus. Graz, 2006.
    KM Geyer Andrea 02 FOLIO & Sharon Hayes -
  • Andrea Geyer. Queen of the artists' studios. The story of Audrey Munson. Ed. Art in General. Texts by Chris, Cynthia, Geyer, Andrea; Ray, Andrea; White, Justin D. New York, 2007.
    KM Geyer Andrea 03 -
  • Andrea Geyer. Spiral Lands. German Translation / Deutsche Übersetzung. Ed. documenta 12, Kassel. 2007.
    KM Geyer Andrea 04 - Gays Porn Female domination Flashbit porn