Robert Adrian X


Robert Adrian X was born 1945 in Toronto/Canada and living and worked in Vienna since 1972 until the year of his death 2015. The Canadian-Austrian artist Robert Adrian X was a pioneer of telecommunications art. He started his artistic career in the 1970s, working in conceptual-analytical painting. From 1979 he turned his attention to telecommunication technologies like radio, television, telephone, fax, and computer networks. He took part in numerous projects involving slow-scan TV, amateur radio, mailbox systems, and later also the internet, as well as organizing global communication projects. One of these was the event Die Welt in 24 Stunden (The World in 24 Hours), which took place in 1982 at the Ars Electronica Festival and involved artists from around the globe exchanging messages and artworks by fax, telephone, and networked computers. In 2009 he was awarded the Nam June Paik Art Center Prize, one of the world’s most prestigious media art prizes.

Additional biography

The versatile artist also worked in the fields of conceptual photography, light and sound installations, and three-dimensional art, sometimes in the form of wall sculptures. In these, he explored visual worlds from electronic space and media technology, as well as drawing attention to the manipulation of reporting by what is known as the media-military complex. (Jürgen Tabor) Gays Porn Female domination Flashbit porn