Two Faces

Video Portraits from the Generali Foundation Collection

Duration of exhibition: June 20 – September 13, 2020
Place of exhibition: Rupertinum [2 & 3] – Generali Foundation Study Center


Video art plays a special role in the history of the portrait genre. Starting in the early 1970s, affordable video technology made capturing the vitality and expressiveness of the human face in moving images easier than ever before. Unconstrained by the cinematic necessity of telling stories, many artists harnessed video as a medium of introspection and probing engagement with the outside influences that impinged upon the sitter's self-image, body, and inner life. The exhibition presents classics from the Generali Foundation's extensive video collection to investigate this conception of the portrait as an instrument of self-analysis.


With works by:
Vito Acconci, Eleanor Antin, Lynda Benglis, Peter Campus, Hermine Freed, Sanja Iveković, Joan Jonas, Elke Krystufek, Bruce Nauman, Martha Rosler, Peter Weibel, Hannah Wilke, Heimo Zobernig


Curator: Jürgen Tabor

Bruce Nauman, Lip Sync, 1969; Video (black and white, sound), 57 Min.; Generali Foundation Collection—Permanent Loan to the Museum der Moderne Salzburg © Photo: Bruce Nauman / Bildrecht, Vienna 2020