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Privacy Policy

The Generali Foundation is aware of the sensitive issue of data usage. This document describes our Privacy Policy. In visiting our website you accept the conditions laid out in this document. When you have read the Privacy Statement, you will have been informed about

- what personal information is recorded
- how this information is used
- in what ways you can influence the information that is recorded

What information do we store about our clients?
The information that we receive from our clients/visitors helps us to improve our website and customize our services.

§ Information provided by you
We record every piece of information that is given to us through our website or that you send to us through other channels. We use the information you have provided solely to process your enquiry, to personalize our Web services, and to improve communication with you.

§ E-mail communication
Services and information that we send on the basis of an e-mail request from you do not contain any personal data. However, because of the unencrypted and unsigned method of transfer, the Generali Foundation cannot guarantee data security in the World Wide Web. Anyone requesting services or information by e-mail thus expressly accepts the general security deficits of the Internet as regards e-mail transmission.

§ Data protection 
Insofar as personal or business data (e-mail address, name, addresses) may be entered on the website, the user reveals such data on an expressly voluntary basis.

Is the information you provide shared with anyone else?
Information provided by our clients/visitors is very important to us, and maintenance of confidentiality is our standard practice. The address information of our clients/visitors will not be sold or passed on to any third party. The data revealed by the user will be treated with strict confidentiality in accordance with data protection law in its respective valid version, unless it there is a need, for statutory and legal reasons, to protect the rights or property or to protect the interests of other users.

Conditions, use and explanation of the Privacy Statement
Your visit to our website is bound by the above explanations. Should you have questions about our Privacy Policy, please write to; we will answer you as quickly as possible. This explanation and the conditions of use are subject to constant revision and are thus only valid at the time of use. We recommend that you re-read our Privacy Statement at regular intervals.


We would like to emphasize that any unauthorized use of images and texts from our homepage without the express permission of the owner of the rights to the same constitutes a copyright infringement. If you intend to use any of this picture material or the accompanying texts please contact us.
Phone + 43 1 534 01-11278
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