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The Generali Foundation has brought out a considerable number of publications, including several sizable standard works. The emphasis lies not so much on documenting the Foundation's own activities as on the production of significant, high-quality books on contemporary art, intended chiefly for a specialist audience.

Publications, along with posters and postcards showing works from the collection, can be purchased.

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Behind the Fourth Wall. Fictitious Lives - Lived Fictions

"Behind the Fourth Wall. Fictitious Lives - Lived Fictions"
Ise Lafer (ed.), published by Sabine Folie for the Generali Foundation, Vienna 2010.

Preface by Dietrich Karner, editorial by Ilse Lafer, published by Sabine Folie, essays by Roland Barthes, Susanne Knaller, Ilse Lafer, Christian Schulte.

Germ./Engl., 200 pages, 80 color and black-and-white illustrations, softcover
Article n. 978-3-901107-60-3
EUR 27,00
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  • Description

    • In eighteenth-century theater, Denis Diderot’s Fourth Wall stood for the imaginary partition between the spaces of the stage and the auditorium, between the worlds of the imagination and reality. Its purpose was to facilitate aesthetic experience of the fictitious within the, the questioning of the "constructed" nature of reality is associated with the aim of deeply exploring (media) production of endless new models for reality and life. The catalog seeks an encounter with the mechanisms of illusion, using the Fourth Wall as an analytical tool to expose the many layers of a near impenetrable reality. To this end, the artists scrutinize micropolitical communities, transform social fields into theatrical scenarios, and dissect the structures of everyday life using the rhetoric of theater and film. documentary, (auto)biographical, and fictious materials form the basis for this critical examination of the current state of the worldwe live in—creating the potential for a rethinking of emancipatory action. Gays Porn Female domination Flashbit porn