Ree Morton. Works 1971-1977

Exhibition Publication

Sabine Folie (ed.) for Generali Foundation, Vienna 2009.
Preface by Dietrich Karner, editorial by Sabine Folie, texts by Diana Baldon, Helen Molesworth, Susanne Neubauer, Sabine Folie et al.

Engl., 208 pages, 320 color and black-and-white illustrations, softcover
Modern Art Publisher Nürnberg

The exhibition will be accompanied by a book—the first such publication since the only comprehensive catalogue, produced by the New Museum in 1980—that will address individual works and groups of works by Ree Morton in extensive dossiers. Complementing these descriptions will be the artist’s numerous and highly informative notebooks and sketchbooks as well as contemporary visual material—an immense number of documentary photographs by Ree Morton herself—that will be drawn on to describe and reconstruct the genesis of both existing works and works that have been destroyed or can no longer be located. The contributors to this publication—Diana Baldon, Sabine Folie, Susanne Neubauer, Helen Molesworth—will address the phenomenon and the unique features of 1970s installation art in general and of Ree Morton’s art in particular. Rounding out the book will be an extensive chronological biographical and bibliographical survey by Ilse Lafer. The book will be published in February in conjunction with a roundtable discussion that will address the abovementioned issues. Gays Porn Female domination Flashbit porn