Geography and the Politics of Mobility

Exhibition Publication

Ursula Biemann (ed.) for the Generali Foundation, Vienna 2003.
Foreword by Dietrich Karner, editorial by Sabine Breitwieser, texts by Ursula Biemann, Brian Holmes, Lisa Parks, Irit Rogoff, and the artists Buréau d’études, Frontera Sur RRVT, Makrolab, multiplicity and Raqs Media Collective.

Germ./Engl., 216 pages, 13 color and 82 black-and-white illustrations, softcover

In the last years the concept of Geography undergoes a fundamental transformation. The increasing circulation of people, goods, and data create new cultural, social, and virtual landscapes, which can not be described by traditional geo-scientific categories.

This publication documents projects of five international art collectives, which pursue questions of global migration, changing work enviroments, and worldwide informationssystems and outline alternative models for a new geographic praxis. Art scientist Irit Rogoff, Brian Holmes and Lisa Parks critically enlight in their theoretical essays the metapher of “Geography” towards a new level of knowledge. Gays Porn Female domination Flashbit porn