Educational Complex

Exhibition Publication

Sabine Breitwieser (ed.) for the Generali Foundation, Vienna 1997.
Preface by Dietrich Karner, editorial by Sabine Breitwieser, texts by Ingvild Birkhan, Sabine Breitwieser, Thomas McDonough, Rainer Ganahl, Mike Kelley and Edward W. Said.

Germ./Engl., 144 pages, 29 color illustrations, softcover

This publication documents the exhibition “Educational Complex,” focussing on vari-ous issues related to a topic also addressed in a lecture series. In the show he or-ganized, the artist Rainer Ganahl tries to locate where art finds its abhorred Other, namely, in education and its institutions. Educational policy, the intellectualization of art, with the overlapping of art and critical discourse figures significantly just as the exhibition is a medium. Gays Porn Female domination Flashbit porn