Dorit Margreiter


Dorit Margreiter was born in 1967 in Vienna where she also studied at the University of Applied Arts. Besides her work as an artist, she is also a teacher, an author, a curator and a graphic designer. Margreiter has received several awards for her work, the most recent being the prestigious Otto Mauer Prize. She lives in Vienna.

Additional biography

Margreiter is an important protagonist of a particular movement which began to question the prevailing systems of representation and communication in art at the outset of the 1990s. Together with Mathias Poledna and Florian Pumhösl, she embarked on several joint projects (1991-93), including Material, Texte, Interviews (1991), and the installation Impact (1993) for the exhibition "Kontext Kunst" in Graz. In her approach, she has developed an interdisciplinary artistic practice that transcends questions normally inherent in art, and is influenced by cultural studies and touches on ethnological, architectural, and political connections. As a basic motif, Margreiter’s videos, photographs, and installations pursue the social spaces constructed by popular picture media. In so doing, her work illuminates a modern subjectivity and its chances of finding a localization and affiliation within a quotidian context. Even her very first solo exhibition, "Mein Schlafzimmer in Prag" (1993), already referred to the motif of "beaming" as a metaphor for social departures and for popular culture as conveyed through the media, conjoining these themes with questions related to gender politics. The installation "Into Art" (1998), created for the exhibition "The making of," seized upon structural mechanisms of a soap opera, transferring these into the realm of art. The existing sociotope of the Generali Foundation was turned into a trailer forming the matrix of a fictional television series. In subsequent works such as "Studio City" (1999), "Some Establishing Shots" (1999) and "Short Hills" (1999/2000), Margreiter exposed the influence of fictions from the film and television industries on processes involving the search for one’s identity and the negotiation of social realities. Her latest exhibition, "Event Horizon" (2002), explores the interplay of the two categories, "experience" and "space," via the reproduction of a Guggenheim subsidiary located in Las Vegas.(Luisa Ziaja)

Artist's books

  • Dorit Margreiter, Anette Baldauf. The She Zone. Ed. Bawag Foundation, Wien. Texts by Baldauf, Anette; Margreiter, Dorit. Frankfurt on the Main: Revolver, Archiv für aktuelle Kunst, 2004.
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